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    Hot Rolled Products refer to products that are uncoated and have been formed at about 860 degrees celcius at the mill and then reduced while the strip temperature is maintained . our rolling mill is an RDSO approved mill manufacturing the following products.SPECIFICATIONS:100mm to 190mm width , 1.00 mm to 4 mm in thickness.
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    STRIPS:- Hot-Rolled Strips offer extensive performance characteristics,versatility and economy,in addition to having dedicated properties for specific applications.We manufacture strips mainly to cater to the ERW Pipe Industry .Our Strips are also used for general engineering purposes like manufacturing cable supports,etc.SPECIFICATIONS:- 100mm to 190mm width 1.00mm to 4 mm in thickness
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    METAL LINERS:- Metal Liners is a railway component used as packing between the Elastic Rail Clip and the foot of the Rail while laying Tracks. Liners have high Durability , Dimensional stability and the ability to Withstand different weather conditions.SPECIFICATIONS:- T 3738, T 3740, T 3741 & T 3742
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    Fish Plates are used in railway constructions, It is a Metal Bar that is bolted to the ends of two rails to join them together in a Track.The Top and Bottom edges are Tapered inwards so the device wedges itself between the Top and Bottom of the Rail when it is Bolted into Place.We manufacture 8 Types of Fish Plates as [per designs of Indian railways, However, We are equipped for Custom made Designs as per other Specification
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  5. FLATS

    Hot Rolled Flats have their primary use in Street Fabrication and General Engineering Purposes.SPECIFICATIONS:- Sized up to 150 mm in Width
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    ANGLES:- Steel Angles are L -Shaped Structural Steel represented by Dimensions of Side and Thickness. For Example , 50*50*6 denotes, both sides of Angles are 50 mm and Thickness is of 6 mm.Angles are of Various sizes and may be of Equal or Unequal Angles. They are Primarily used in Steel Fabrications.SPECIFICATIONS:- Sizes manufactures by us ranges from 35*35*5 to 75*&5*12
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    Steel Rounds have a Diverse application, They as used by Forging Industries , Bright Bar Industries, auto -Ancillaries , Foundation and Anchor Bolts, Pins, Rollers, Bushes, and many more Engineering Industries.SPECIFICATIONS:- Sizes manufactured by us ranges from 20mm to 45mm.
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